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Accessible Equipment

The Current and Future State of Cruising with Special Needs

As cruise travel continues to rapidly grow, the need for the industry to cater to more markets expands with it. One market in particular that is well attended to is the special needs demographic, and specialists that TravelPulse reached out to agree that cruising is a fantastic choice for such clients. disabled travelers will be pleasantly surprised by how easy cruising can be for them. All major ships are ADA …Read More

Accessibility Expo 2013 Chicago

This years accessibility  expo had something for everyone’s taste.  If you are looking to improve your home, learn how to travel, wanting to purchase an accessible vehicle, improve the mind-spirit-and body of your child.  Then there was something for you.  If you need appearal to wear, there was something for you.  Below is a list of some of the speakers that had workshops, with their subject matter:  All workshops were …Read More