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Wheels on Cruises makes an ordinary day extra ordinary, by helping you to decide and plan for an exciting adventure on a cruise.  Do you use a wheel chair?  Do you use oxygen? Are you a senior and or a slow walker, then we can help you see the world on a cruise ship.  Accessibility is our speciality.  If you are temporally unable to use your limbs, thats OK, we can work with temporary disabilities also.  Cruise ships now have cabins equiped with wider doors for even the largest wheel chairs.


Miss Wheel Chair Illinois – 2013 Interview at the Assibilities Expo Chicago

This is my interview with Miss Wheel Chair Illinois, when I visited the Avilities Expo this year I had the privelage to talk with her and find out what her platform is, how she was selected etc.  Miss Wheel Chair Illinois, will be going to Texas for her next competition

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