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Accessible Cruise, (First Group), Seniors, Disabled,and Slow walkers




This was our first accessible cruise for the disabled, seniors, slow walkers, handicap, and

special needs individuals.  Several categories were represented in this group.

 Two of the individuals cruising thought they could only stay home, and be sick, and yet  all their needs were met on this cruise.

The equipment used by these individuals that can be brought or rented are:

Scooter, oxygen compressor, nebulizer, shower chair, raised toilet set, cane,

and refrigerator for diabetic insulin.


Norweigan Cruise Line’s ship the “SKY”,  has a total of 6 accessible rooms in all categories.

Every person with a special need or disability is different and you are the best judge of any special assistance you may require. Norwegian Cruise Line has specially trained employees to answer your questions before and during your cruise or to resolve any issue that may arise relating to travel with Norwegian Cruise Line.


Once you have boarded, you will be met by staff who will have all of the information that you conveyed to Norwegian Cruise Line either directly or through your travel professional. Staff will be available throughout your cruise to see to your needs. Norwegian Cruise Line has Access Officers who will be the primary go to person for all of your needs, available by telephone 24 hours a day.

Disabled Cabins =Stateroom with facilities for persons with disabilities, there are also staterooms equipped for hearing-impaired individuals.  If your party is larger than 2 persons you have the option to get connecting cabin.

If you can’t go to the restaurant they’ll bring the restaurant to you. They offer a menu of items, which can be prepared and brought to your stateroom. Room Service is available 24-hours a day (There will be a delivery charge from Midnight – 5 am).    Price per Guest: Complimentary

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  • Alfrieda Dockery
    May 6, 2015 - 7:07 am

    What State are you in? Are you interested in the Caribbean? What month would you like to travel. Do you want to take your own oxygen, or are you interested in renting a tank.

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