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Alfrieda is a beautiful woman and travel agent. She wears her dignity in every phase of her life.  She is encouraging and supportive to her friends and family.  She provides
quality service: is honest and sincere in all of her business dealings. I have watched her “grab the bull by his horns” and tackle mountains in her life without much help and support.  Her word is as good as “Gold”.

Alfrieda is also fun to be with and fun to travel with. She is always willing to compromise to avoid conflict and can be counted on to live up to her commitments. There is not a time in the 30 years I have known and traveled with her that we have ever engaged in cross words to each other. I’ve heard it said that one is fortunate to have three or four true friends in their life time.   Alfrieda is certainly one of mine, which grew that way after many years of travel.

BAM Chicago, IL

I first began to traveling with Ms. Dockery in 1984, at that time I was just going to other states in the USA, visiting relatives, and only getting airline tickets from her. I had and still have RA, but was able to get around very well.
As she began to put cruise groups together, I began to join the groups; it’s a lot of fun to travel in a group. You get to know other individuals and see lots of places. My health began to deteriorate, and my RA got worse, which caused me to begin to use a cane to get around. Ms. Dockery would always make sure I was cared for either by herself or by the staff of the airplan or cruise line.

As years went on the RA began to take its toll on my body and I was diagnosed with other degenerative bone disorders. Developed asthma which meant I had breathing problems, I thought I would have to give up my traveling, which I love so much, but Ms. Dockery always found a way to work it out so I could travel with my wheel chair, my oxygen and my nebulizer.  Things were no longer accessible to me.
She is now only working with disabled travelers, and let me tell you I had the best time ever on her first accessible group cruise.   I didn’t miss a beat. Met the captain, (which I love to do on each cruise, I have a collection of captain photos, to see which year I had the most handsome one.)
Now that I know I can travel with my disabilities, I will get back to taking cruises.

Thanks Ms. Dockery for letting me know that I can still travel and enjoy my life.

Dolly, Chicago, IL


March 13, 201
Hello Ms. Dockery

This is a big Thank You for making my trip a real success. You ordered the “Special Needs at Sea” wheelchair. It was just great! The best part was when I arrived to my cabin it was there waiting for me. It was all charged and ready to go. I just rolled down the hallways and elevators with no problem. In fact, people continued to stop me during my travel to ask where did I get that nice 3 wheeler. They would say things like,” I wish I had got one for my mother or myself”.
I am so happy that my agent encouraged me to get the scooter and just enjoy my vacation and that I did.
L. Ruffin